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Educational tutorials - I offer a full day of educational tutorials which are geared for each grade level, and introduce students to the concepts of food security, as well as learning about how aquaponics is based on the aboriginal wisdom which teaches us that we can thrive when we work within nature's systems. Children really respond well to this project based learning, which allows them to have a blossoming garden year round.

For younger grades I teach them about how the fish provide the nutrients for the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish, while the worms live in the grow bed and tie it all together. They learn how aquaponics can grow food up to twice as fast as conventional soil gardening, while using 85% less water. We talk about what foods grow best in aquaponics, and all the different types of fresh water fish we can use. Their homework is to go grocery shopping with their parents and keep the labels from the produce they buy, which shows where their food is coming from. They bring the labels back to class and put a pin on a world map where each piece of food came from, and then they look at how much resources it takes to get that food here to us. Even at a young age the kids are able to understand the importance of being able to grow our own food in a sustainable way.

When I teach the older grades, I am able to get further into the symbiosis of these closed circuit aquaponics systems, and how nature gives us the perfect example of how systems which cooperate, thrive. This all ties into the current school curriculum in the sciences, including biology, chemistry (the ammonia to nitrite and nitrate cycle is a perfect example), physics (the bell siphon is an amazing study), aboriginal studies, as well as the real life skills of gardening and understanding food security. With the older grades I am also able to go deeper and cover how passive solar greenhouses work, and how we can feed our communities real, healthy food.

I also make time to attend staff meetings as a guest speaker. I enjoy the enthusiasm that the teachers show, as they come to understand the real teaching potential that these aquaponics systems provide. It's a great idea to have the staff up to speed on the basic operation and maintenance of these systems.

Outside of the public school system, I am also offering my educational instruction to adults enrolled in the local Permaculture Design Certificate course. Understanding the basic ratios to adhere to and the rules of thumb for aquaponics is a big part of food security success, and a critical step in achieving resilience in these changing times.

New for this season I am offering interactive activities and helpful hand-outs to bring home the message of aboriginal wisdom and food security with aquaponics in year round greenhouses. There is a word search, trivia fun, aquaponics colouring page, and a scale model passive solar greenhouse for visual learning!

Full day educational tutorials within School District 22 are only $270. Outside of SD22 costs are adjusted based on travel distance.

Contact me directly via email or by phone to book any of my educational services.

Consultation & Custom Builds

Custom Builds

I am available as a consultant to help design any size custom aquaponics system that we can imagine. If you are after a more practical Food Security system, I can do systems based on IBC totes which are fairly inexpensive and grow a lot of fish and vegetables together. I can also design systems which use the deep water raft aquaponics technique, and grow food right on the water without using any expanded clay pellet medium. This was closer to how the Aztec's did it over 700 years ago, and its still a great way to grow your food up to TWICE as fast as soil gardening while using up to 85% less water.

Contact me directly to set up a design consultation meeting.